We find inspiration from the world around us.

Many natural structures are made of systems of layers. Think tree rings, the human skin, and even the soils on our planet Earth. Each layer imparts its properties and characteristics to build up the entire system. Our mattresses work in the same way, as Mother Nature had intended. Multiple latex layers in Good Knight® mattresses combine to offer greater comfort, increased support, and a personalized sleep experience just for you.

Multi-layered Mattress for Adjustable Firmness and Comfort

Good Knight® mattresses are made with our unique adjustable layering system. You can take control of the comfort level of the mattress with combinations of dunlop natural latex foam in soft, medium, or firm densities to create the comfort you want and the firmness your body needs. There is an incredible number of possibilities in terms of firmness adjustment.

A little boy and a girl are sleeping on a Good Knight Mattress with a pillow and some green plants in the background. The children are sleeping peacefully and the boy even have a little smile while sleeping.

Your Mattress Good for Life

An advantage of our unique layering system is the ease to which the mattresses can be easily reconfigured to suit your changing sleep preferences. Every single mattress component can easily repaired or individually replaced. This ensure all Good Knight mattresses are made to last a lifetime. Good for you and your wallet, better for the planet.

Ready to Sleep on Good?

With our unique layering system, we craft the perfect mattress for you - comfortable, safe, and durable. Our mattresses are available in a wide range of firmness levels to ensure customised comfort for every body.