How Long Can A Natural Latex Mattress Really Last?

Natural latex is a premium mattress core material used in all Good Knight® mattresses. It is made from latex harvested from rubber trees and is one of the most durable, sustainable, and comfortable mattress materials known to man.

Read on to find out some of the frequently asked questions about the durability of natural latex mattresses.


Do Natural Latex Mattresses Break Down?

Natural latex mattresses are resistant to wear and tear and natural degradation as they interact with oxygen in the air. However, this process will take many years to occur. With regular care, you can be assured that your Good Knight® mattress will last for 15 years or more. Compare this with other types of mattresses on the market, which typically have a useful life of about 5 years!


Do Natural Latex Mattresses Sag?

While all mattresses will sag with time due to wear and tear, natural latex mattresses are well-known for retaining their properties. You will find that your Good Knight® mattress will not sag much over its lifetime. In comparison, synthetic bedding materials such as synthetic latex and polyurethane foam will experience significantly more sagging within a short 3-5 years. As these mattresses sag, the pressure relief and support properties are compromised, resulting in poorer sleep quality and body pains. You will likely have to replace these mattresses very often. Some retailers may recommend using a mattress topper on sagging mattresses. However, while the mattress topper may marginally improve the comfort and feel of an old mattress, it will in no way address the sag in the core of your mattress!


Sleep on Good

A natural latex mattress has a reputation for excellent durability while offering superior sleep comfort and excellent support. You can be assured that your Good Knight® mattress will provide you with many enduring years of quality sleep.