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We design and craft the perfect mattress for you - comfortable, safe, and durable.

  • Good Knight Athena mattress in a transparent background. The all-natural latex mattress is displayed from an angle and features a white top panel and a navy blue border. The Good Knight signature logo with the Good Knight Shield and the word "Good Knight" is embroidered at the center of the front border.


    Our signature three-layer, customisable mattress for the ultimate in eco-conscious sleep comfort. Available from plush-soft to firm setup.

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  • The Good Knight Marina all-natural latex mattress with a transparent background. The mattress is displayed at an angle and features a simple design with navy blue accent and a Good Knight satin label at the side.


    Two-layer, customisable mattress - simplicity in design and function. Available from medium-soft to firm setup.

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  • Good Knight Inoa Mattress shown from an angle. The all-natural latex mattress is white in colour and the mattress low-profile and simple in design.


    Low profile mattress - perfect for children and young adults. Available in medium and firm.

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  • A hand-drawn icon of three liquid droplets falling to the ground symbolizing the chemicals that Good Knight Mattress avoid putting into their mattresses

    Goodbye Chemicals

    No harmful chemicals, synthetic latex or polyurethane foam. Good for you and the planet.

  • A hand-drawn icon of a golden crown symbolizing royalty treatment to be expected from Good Knight Mattress.

    Experience Royal Treatment

    5-star customer service from the mattress brand that truly cares.

  • A hand-drawn icon of a crescent moon surrounded by stars and three letter Zs symbolizing peaceful sleep on a Good Knight Mattress.

    100-Night Sleep Trial

    Sleep a full 100 nights before saying "yes". Love it, keep it, or get a refund.

  • A hand-drawn icon of a stamp with 20-year warranty written on it. The stamp symbolizes the durability of a Good Knight Mattress which is warrant against defects and workmanship for 20 years.

    We've got your back

    Enjoy Singapore's most generous warranty coverage for your mattress - 20-years!

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A smiling toddler sits on a Good Knight mattress, surrounded by toys

All about your comfort

Our mattresses are available in a wide range of firmness levels to accommodate every body's needs and preferences. You may personalise the comfort setup, switch out latex layers, and adjust the feel of your mattress anytime. Never get stuck with a mattress you don't like again!

A person's hands extending out to show six rubber seeds sitting on her palms.

Good Sleep Starts with Good Materials

We believe the finest mattresses in the world should be made with natural latex. We exclusively use 100% natural latex harvested from responsible growers in the region and certified for its purity, quality, and performance.

A little boy and a girl are sleeping on a Good Knight Mattress with a pillow and some green plants in the background. The children are sleeping peacefully and the boy even have a little smile while sleeping.

A Mattress Good for Life

Naturally, you expect the highest standards and quality from us. We stand by the quality of our mattresses and that's why we back our mattresses with Singapore's top mattress warranty.


Sleep on It

We get that it takes time to decide whether a mattress is a perfect match. That's with our risk-free 100-night sleep trial, you can try out your Good Knight mattress in the comfort of your own bedroom.

  • Premium Quality without Traditional Markup

    The cost of a mattress shouldn't be a barrier to your best sleep. We deliver quality mattresses at affordable prices.

  • Customised Comfort, Never Stuffed in a Box

    Unlike other mattress brands, we'd never dream of compressing our premium mattresses into a tiny box.

  • Sustainability at the Centre of Everything We Do

    Our respect and responsibility towards the environment has been our core from day one.

  • Proud Singapore Mattress Brand

    A mattress brand born and raised in Singapore. Our local team serves you with pride and passion.

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Find your perfect mattress match

Take our personalized Mattress Wizard Quiz to see our top recommendations based on your sleep preferences.

A couple setting up their Neva mattress topper from Good Knight onto their Good Knight mattress. its comfortably on a Good Knight mattress. The woman gazes lovingly at her partner as he smiles back, both enjoying a moment of relaxation and connection.


Neva Mattress Topper

Luxury sleep redefined. Enjoy luxury sleep with Neva mattress topper, regardless of which mattress you currently sleeping on.

close-up shot of the cross-sections of pine tree lumber with layers of annual tree rings.

Inspired by Nature

We are guided and inspired by the world around us where many natural structures are made of systems of layers. We create our mattresses as Mother Nature had intended, with layers of premium natural latex working in harmony to give you better comfort, greater support, and a truly personalized sleep experience like no other.


See what our happy customers are saying

  • November 2022
    Thanks to the comfort of the mattress.

    The Athena mattress answered all my needs and I had a well rested night thanks to the comfort of the mattress. The mattress is surprisingly cooling and I woke up feeling energetic and well rested with lessened back pain!

  • September 2023
    Good Knight gave a solution.

    Recently bought Marina mattress from Good Knight. I experienced a luxurious sleep with Natural Latex and feel better with my back-pain too. In search for a better night of sleep, Good Knight gave a solution. Thank you very much Good Knight team for customizing the mattress which suits me and also your friendly support. I recommend this mattress.

  • December 2022
    I’d give a 6/5 if I could!

    First up it’s half the price of a Heveya, and the layers are fully customizable so you defo get a bigger bang for your buck. I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for > 1m and have nothing but amazing reviews about it - sleep so well every night! Lastly the teams service is very authentic, friendly, patient and customer centric, none of that corporate nonsense you get from other companies. I highly recommend!

  • January 2023
    Absolutely love my Athena mattress!

    Absolutely love my Athena mattress! Had changed from my old hybrid mattress for this about a month ago. Absolutely no regrets! It's super comfortable and always felt as if my weight is taken off me when i lie down on it.

  • March 2024
    The mattress is so comfy

    EK and Serene were very patient and answered all my questions. The mattress is so comfy and the best selling point for me is that it is priced competitively in the market, considering that its 100% latex. Latex is hypoallergenic, so it's quite resistant to mold/mildew/dust mites etc! It also doesn't have toxic compounds (VOC etc)!

  • July 2022
    My family loves our mattresses

    Bought three mattresses when we moved into our new house. My family simply loves our mattresses, including my 2 teenage kids.

  • May 2023
    Wonderfully supportive beds - and supportive people!

    Wonderfully supportive beds - and supportive people! But really, they were great and stood by me as we got the bed to match my sleep style. Thank you!

  • July 2023
    I will not hesitate to share about this with friends and family

    Overall, I cannot recommend Good Knight enough to anyone in the market for a comfortable and long-lasting mattress. The team’s efforts to ensure our satisfaction, combined with the outstanding quality of their products, truly set them apart from others. I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful experience and I will not hesitate to share about this with friends and family.

  • April 2024
    Excellent service and quality products

    Excellent service and quality products. Highly recommended! For reference, I bought the Athena mattress and contour pillow. Definitely gives me a better sleep than my previous Sealy.

  • July 2023
    A Cooling, Supportive and Peaceful Slumber

    Having enjoyed my previous, almost a decade old full latex mattress, I am happy to report Good Knight mattress has matched and even exceeded my expectation of a cooling, supportive and peaceful slumber.

  • June 2023
    Highly recommended! 5 stars 🌟

    Very impressed by the quality and comfort of their matresses as well as the eco-friendly sustainable methods used to produce them. Excellent team that went the extra mile for me in terms of service and detailed explanations of the products.

  • October 2023
    Excellent experience at the showroom!

    Excellent experience at the showroom. My fussy son was forcing himself not to smile but he still did. Excellent service from Clinton who’s very patient in explaining in detail to all our queries. Thank you!

  • December 2023
    Communication is great with the team all the period

    As a consumer product enthusiastic I never thought I would see this kind of amazing service. All the team at this company have one thing in mind- is to make sure the customer is satisfied and happy!!! Communication is great with the team all the period.

  • July 2023
    Thank GK and team for making my move in to new place less of a hassle n worry!

    My mum who suffers from joint pains, says she feels well rested and comfy while my dad who usually complains alot abt mattresses, sleeps earlier now and with no complaints, which i am sure is because of the mattress! I think they have never experienced such a good mattress.

    Thank GK and team for making my move in to new place less of a hassle n worry!

  • June 2023
    Loving the pillow I got from Good Knight!

    Loving the pillow I got from Good Knight! The natural latex material is of good quality and the support provided is amazing. Really helped improve my sleep!

A bunch of vibrant pink orchid flowers, the national flower of Singapore

Proudly Designed & Crafted in Singapore

A homegrown mattress brand born and raised in Singapore, Good Knight offers the very best natural latex mattresses designed, crafted and delivered with pride and passion.