We exist to make a lasting and meaningful impact on people and the planet.

We make mattresses that are comfortable, versatile and durable - because the longer it stays in your bedroom, the better it is for the planet.

Humble Beginnings

Hi, I’m Eng Kiat, the founder of Good Knight®. And you can call me EK. And this is the story of how we all started...

A little background: I come from a humble family – Mom was a Malaysian who grew up in the plantation in Pahang, and she will constantly remind me me of her rubber tapping days. Those were hard times for her. And Dad is a Singaporean, the youngest of 9 siblings.

Time was tough for both of them. Since I was young, I had the impression that I have to always remember how hard my parents went through to raise me and my siblings and they always stay humble throughout the journey. (I love you, Daddy, Mommy! <3) 

Fast forward to my professional career, I’ve worked for some of the biggest Oil and Gas companies since my graduation from University. I had travelled around the world, taking on various roles in engineering, technology, sales and marketing.  And I have the worked with many of the biggest mattress producers in Asia and around the world. (and there’s where I started to know more about the mattress industry and what goes on behind the scenes.)

I enjoyed my time in corporate, but something is nagging me. Or, rather, someone tiny...

My Precious Son

Han was born in 2016. My wife and I have been treating him like a prince because we have been waiting for his arrival for a long time.

And when he has finally come to us, that’s when I realised something...

The world is getting more and more uncomfortable - climate change is beginning to impact our lives; the world is warming up; our culture of consumerism is straining our resources.

It’s a truly terrifying thought for me, especially when I think of my son. I sometimes lie awake at night and thought: “What kind of world will we be leaving behind for him and our future generations?” 

And the thoughts of a more difficult, less liveable world frightened me deeply.

I don’t want to ruin my son’s future!

So, I started to draft down my ideas and think of the potential ways I can help to make my son’s future a better and more sustainable one.

Since I knew quite a bit about the mattress industry based on my prior working experiences, I decided to pursue the route of building a mattress brand - with the goal of creating a more eco-friendly and durable mattress that people can enjoy and use for a long time.

My initial idea was a “Bed-in-a-Box” concept. It was, afterall, a concept that I was very familar having worked together with many mattress producers in the region.

While I may have a decent business, I would be shooting myself in the foot because I was exactly doing what I said I would NOT do when building this business – creating a better, greener future for my son.

I would be contributing to the massive flood of inferior mattresses in the market that are mostly not so good, and made from predominantly fossil-fuel based chemicals.

I can’t believe I almost ruined my own son’s future!

So I scrapped this idea quickly and went back to the drawing board. (No More Synthetic Foam!)

I discovered another alternative – a natural latex mattress. And it made me think of the time my mom spent her time telling me her stories in the rubber plantations. Somehow, life has its way to always circle back again.

Interestly, during my time in the Petrochemicals industry, I actually had very little knowledge of natural latex. Its afterall not made from fossil-fuel based chemicals but from a renewable resources. However, I did know that its well known as a superior material used in high-end mattresses. So I researched deeper and found out:

  • Natural latex is prized as a mattress core material. It is comfortable, durable, pressure relieving – all the good stuff you want in a mattress.

  • While latex material comes from Southeast Asia, the “latex mattress” concept is not as popular as in Europe or USA. The market penetration rate of latex mattresses is much higher there. Means more people are using latex mattresses overseas compared to the origin countries, like Singapore itself.

  • Compared to regular mattresses, latex mattress has a smaller carbon footprint and it can last longer than PU foam.

This got me thinking. What if we could create a mattress made entirely from 100% natural latex - it will be comfortable, durable, safe and healthy. Our mattress will also be modular in its design so that customers can select the configuration that suits that individual requirement, even after years of use.

Needless to say, you know my choice in the end. Good Knight® is born.

Good Knight® – Sleep on Good.

We dream of becoming the most trusted brand for affordable, quality, sustainable mattresses in Singapore and beyond. And we are thankful for all our customers and supporters all these while. They’re drawn not only to the superior comfort and quality of our mattresses and services but also to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Let’s protect our sleep and our Mother Earth together! For ourselves and for our next generation.

Have a “Good Knight®”!

"Good Knight isn't just about selling mattresses. It's our personal commitment to a sustainable sleep revolution."

EK Tan, founder of Good Knight®

A little boy and a girl are sleeping on a Good Knight Mattress with a pillow and some green plants in the background. The children are sleeping peacefully and the boy even have a little smile while sleeping.


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While the mattress industry is scrambling to jump on the sustainability bandwagon, our respect and responsibility towards the environment has been core to our brand from day one.


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