Mattresses Made to Measure

Need a custom size mattress that fits your space. Our expert team is here to build your dream bedroom.

Custom Size Mattress

Whether you need a non-rectangular mattress to fit into a certain space in your bedroom, or you have a bed frame that doesn’t fit standard Singapore or European mattress sizes, we can work with you to get you exactly what you need.

A couple sits comfortably on a Good Knight mattress. The woman gazes lovingly at the man, who smiles contentedly, both enjoying a moment of relaxation and connection.

Personalized Comfort for You and Your Partner

With our fully customisable mattresses, you get to choose how you want your bed to feel. We designed our mattress in a way that prioritizes your comfort and flexibility. We can also provide dual firmness options for selected mattress sizes. You and your partner can get to tailor their sleep preferences. No need to compromise!

Baby girl in co-sleeper baby cot mattress attached to parents' bed, baby cot mattress is odd shape.

Custom Baby Cot Mattresses

Baby cots, cribs, playpens, and bassinets typically come with polyurethane foam mattresses that may not be ideal or safe for babies.

If you are looking to replace you baby's mattress, we can help. Our baby cot mattresses are made of pure natural latex rubber foam. No synthetic polyurethane foam, chemicals or heavy metals.

Aerial View of Yacht Club and Marina. White Boats and Yachts. Photo made by drone from above.

Yacht Mattresses

Enjoy the comforts of a natural latex mattress onboard your vessel with one of our custom-made yacht mattresses.

A natural latex mattress is ideal for humid marine environments. It is hypoallergenic and mildew resistant, provides excellent air circulation, and can be folded for easy access and installation. Choose from a range of firmness levels and mattress sizes to accommodate your comfort below the deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look out for when ordering a custom mattress?

When considering a custom mattress, look out for the following:

  • Shape and accessibility of your bedroom
  • The mattress size and mattress height requirement
  • Type of bedframe or bed base used and any weight and size restriction
  • Choice of mattress materials e.g natural fibers vs polyester
  • Budget

Why are custom mattresses more expensive?

Custom mattresses will cost more than similar mattresses in standard sizes due to material and labour cost, and longer time taken to design and create the mattress.

However, we always work hard to keep our prices reasonable and make our mattresses accessible. For example, many of the customisation work, including alteration and cutting and sewing are done in-house, cutting on turnover time and reduce cost to you.

How long does it take to custom make a mattress?

We are committed to deliver the highest standard of customer service and quality. We will do our best to deliver our mattresses as quickly as possible.

While most mattress manufacturers will take a couple of months (very often longer) to deliver, we will usually complete our custom-made mattresses in 3 weeks or less. The lead time will be dependent on choice of materials, mattress design and construction, and its shape and size etc.